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Make a fund-raising CD!

The One-day recording package is very popular as it provides a a cost-effective opportunity to raise money. For example, if you sell 500 CDs at £10 each, your profit will be over £3,000.

The price depends on the number of CDs ordered and includes:

The all-inclusive price for the day’s recording and CDs is:

• 200 CDs


• 500 CDs


• 1000 CDs


• 2000 CDs


• 3000 CDs


Other quantities are available - please ask.


If you don’t want any CDs, a full day’s recording with unlimited digital editing and supply of a master CD costs £750.

Don’t forget, though, that if you want to produce your own CDs or have your music available to download, you will need to obtain a copyright licence from the MCPS.



As you have only one day to record, it is essential to arrive at the sessions fully rehearsed. Rehearse/record sessions can be time consuming and frustrating.