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Concert recordings — from £250

The price includes:


Sound and balance

  • The basic concert recording package uses a pair of superb AKG 414 microphones placed in a suitable position to get the best possible balance ‘on the night’. For most situations this gives excellent results representative of the actual sound in the venue.
  • OPTION 1: for concerts involving soloists or (for example) a piano  some distance from the centre, it is recommended to use extra spot microphones to help give extra presence to these instrumentalists/vocalists. There is an additional £50 charge for this service (up to two extra microphones, balanced to stereo at the event).
  • OPTION 2: for more complex set-ups involving large ensembles, or in challenging acoustics, it is recommended to record to multi-track, giving the option of using up to 8 microphones in total, giving full control over the sound in post-production. The additional charge for this service is £150 which includes early set-up and balance checks at an afternoon rehearsal.
  • Not sure which sound option suits you best? Contact Gary and discuss your event.

Travel and times

  • Travel further than around 30 miles from Leeds will be subject to an supplementary charge based on the distance and time of travel. Please ask for a price. If an overnight stay is necessary before and/or after the recording because of travelling distance, an extra £110 for each night will be charged, plus the cost of accommodation (or you can provide this).
  • Attendance at an afternoon rehearsal on the same day as the concert. Material from the rehearsal can be used as ‘disaster recovery’ if needed! No extra cost for the editing.

£65 (included with OPTION 2)


  • Additional CDs (supplied in paper envelopes)

£6 (single)
£8 (double)*
(max price - discounts available for larger orders over 50)

  • Additional CDs in standard cases with full colour printed inlays (minimum order of 7)

£10 (single)
£13 (double)*
(max price - discounts available for larger orders over 50)

* CDs have a maximum length of 80 minutes.
If the music lasts longer than this, two CDs will be required, or you can opt to omit some material.

To combine a concert recording with a bulk order of CDs, please ask for a bespoke quotation.